Shop Online: a Wineshop at home is a comfortable reality.

Buying wines while staying at home? It’s possible and it’s useful: let’s see why.
Drinking a good glass of wine that accompanies meals or gives us an aperitif break is a pleasure that we Italians know very well indeed. It is part of our culture, our traditions and our history. Faded photos or tales that come from a distant time, show grandparents sitting together outside a bar, sitting around a table with a deck of cards and a glass of wine. Or we remember them near an ancient winery, where bulk wine was sold, a classic peasant tradition.

Wine has always accompanied us, it can tell us the stories, made of simple people who worked, lived on little money and had fun with the little things, often with a glass of wine that, even for a short moment, distanced the everyday problems.

How do habits change?

It’s not emergencies that change our habits, it is time. Society changes, the types of job change, the economic situation and, consequently, also social needs.

From the purchase of wine in bulk, to be bought with little money and to share with a few loved ones, we have gradually moved on to consider wine as a gift for friends’ dinner invitations, a valuable item on the table during the holidays or an excellent companion for the appetizers.

At the same time, attention to quality has increased, knowledge of the types and differences between wines and the demand has become more challenging and awareness of the value of the bottle. The costs are also compared to the quality of the wine offered and to the label, which becomes a taste guarantee.

Drinking wine is a conscious choice, as well as a pleasure. Whether it is a moment of sharing or a personal pampering, we know that it is a quality moment in which we have paid attention to selecting the bottle.

This new and widespread lifestyle has led restaurants to take better care of the wine list, which now shows also the quality of the grapes and the cellar of origin. Wine bars and tasting rooms are increasingly popular, especially in the cities, where the moment dedicated to the aperitif is important for social and professional life. And even the large-scale retail trade has enriched its offer, sometimes making corridors look like cellars.

What now?

The spread of the coronavirus has put everything into question and the redesign of commercial proposals and the reorganization of the premises have started. The change has been sudden and overwhelming and has already changed our habits. We don’t know what will happen but we have learned lessons. We know that social distancing is possible and despite this our life can go on without giving up on having fun, only we will have to have it at home. In a different way.

We understood that wine is a good companion in any kind of situation and suitable for any mood.

The aperitif has become digital and the essential appointment of 6 pm remains. A birthday at home can become a pretext for an elegant intimate dinner where you can treat yourself to a glass of wine received as a gift from those who are far away and cannot reach you.

Wine continues to have its importance, during digital evening appointments, to indulge in pampering at home in front of a good movie or the release of the new season of our favourite TV show. It matches our homemade dinners, making the table precious and replacing a restaurant reservation.

How to buy it?

If we have to go out less, and getting into any kind of shop becomes serious business, how can we treat ourselves to a good quality wine?

We’ll get it at home!

Online purchases have increased during the months of lockdown and the only way to keep on living, gratifying ourselves, is to be reached by what we love while remaining comfortable at home. Buying online is now very simple, the payment methods available are many and affordable for everyone. Buying wine online has allowed many to give a thought to someone far away to celebrate an anniversary, it has allowed them to meet in front of the screen and toasting while chatting or has made even the moments of solitude on the sofa special. A simple click is enough to get a smile.

Even when things change again, why give up this new convenience that makes life easier for us?

Let’s click on the keyboard and raise the glasses!


D’Addario Shop Online

We have always had the dream of putting Puglia in the glass and, finally, it is also possible online thanks to the shop section of our website. With a few clicks, without obligation to register, you can enter our wineries and scroll through the many quality proposals. Primitivo di Manduria, Negroamaro, Aleatico, Fiano, from reds to whites, wines for all tastes, for every table. Let yourself be tempted by the descriptions of each label and choose your favourite one which, will be delivered to your home without any shipping contribution for orders over 50 €. To satisfy any curiosity, there are also boxes with a trio of choices prepared by our winemaker.

Let yourself be tempted!

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