From this pursuit of exellence originate the close ties with families of expert, experienced winemakers in two very strategic areas of Puglia: Sava, home of the renowned Primitivo di Manduria DOC, and Turi, cradle of the Primitivo DOC of Gioia del Colle.

A solid collaboration begins in which the genuine experience of the winemaker is combined with the study and care of expert agronomists and oenologists.

Uncork Puglia:
Realizing a Dream

Aziende Agricole D’Addario is inspired by the ambition, the love for the land, and the dream of bottling wines which recount the authentic strength of Puglia. These have driven the D’Addario family to pursue a production model aimed at creating refined wines of the highest quality.



All of the wines reinterpret the past, with great attention to the evolution of the ever more proficient and demanding consumer.

Wines with a strong character, but of great elegance and refinement in taste and aroma.

Bold-hued, opulent-bodied reds that explode in the chalice with a decisive aromatic complexity, and caress the palate with a soft and velvety tannic texture; delicate whites with strong minerality.

The vineyards selected are all located in particularly suitable micro-areas: Turi, in the heart of the Murgia region, benefits from a terrain containing karst and limestone which is ideal for growing vines. The hills, that reach as high as 300 meters above sea level, have notable day-to-night temperature variations, which are ideal for the aromatic concentration of the grapes. Sava, in the heart of the Salento region, has soil rich in iron oxides, resting on limestone rock which sometimes emerges from the earth. This terrain guarantees freshness, sugar concentration in the grape bunches, and strong minerality. The area also possesses some of the oldest Primitivo vineyards in the whole region, producing full-bodied, opulent wines with a strong polyphenolic charge. Briefly, two iconic areas for the two foremost types of Primitivo that Puglia boasts. However, Primitivo is not the only varietal that the company favors; because love for Puglia also means treasuring the many other native vines of the region. Standing out among these are our cultivations of Malvasia Nera, Negroamaro, Susumaniello, Aleatico and Fiano.


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