D'Addario's Wines

Wines with a strong character, but of great elegance and refinement in taste and aroma. Bold-hued, opulent-bodied reds that explode in the chalice with a decisive aromatic complexity, and caress the palate with a soft and velvety tannic texture; delicate whites with strong minerality.

Once the optimal level of ripening has been reached, the precious grapes are meticulously harvested by hand in the early morning hours, in order to preserve their integrity and freshness. They are then immediately transferred to the cellar and left to the care of the winemakers, who will follow all the stages of vinification and aging; phases that combine the ancient art and tradition of winemaking with modern, high-quality, efficient technologies.

The refinement which takes place in oak barriques and in the so-named “capasuni”- traditional terracotta jugs, widely used in the past – enhances our wines and exalt the aromas of our prized vines.

Primitivo di Manduria

Primitivo di Manduria is one of the most beloved and appreciated red wines of the Apulian territory. Full-bodied, rich in history and flavor, very fruity but velvety. Its vine is grown mainly in the Ionian area of Taranto and in some areas near Brindisi. Their proximity to the sea makes these grapes rich in minerals, and undoubtedly this factor affects the consistency and aromas of this red wine.

It is a warm and enveloping wine, with a fruity bouquet of plum and cherries soaked in alcohol, and blueberry jam, to which are added wilted flowers, spicy notes and the unmistakable fragrances of Mediterranean thicket and salt. On the palate it is structured, warm, just tannic enough, averagely acidic, soft, slightly salty and well-modulated with depth and good drinkability, despite its high gradation.


Giuliani's Wines

Seventy years ago, in the heart of Bari’s Murgia region, among the hills extending from Turi to Gioia del Colle, Vito Donato Giuliani created this establishment, which today is led by Raffaele Giuliani. The plantation extends for 50 hectares in the region known as “under the canal”, near the Monte Sannace archeological zone.

The favourable climate and geography allow the grapes to reach the right degree of ripening, giving the wines the unique qualities of the territory. The deep red-purple colour which characterizes the Primitivo and Aleatico grapes, is emblematic of this wine-producing area.

The entire wine production cycle is carefully followed with great passion in order to obtain the highest quality wine; from the harvesting done by hand, to the vinification, and in the end, the bottling.

Primitivo Gioia del Colle

The vines included in the composition of the Gioia del Colle DOC Primitivo wine are made up of residues deriving from the dissolution of limestone rock, composed of iron and aluminum oxides and hydroxides. Due to their richness of potassium and the relatively low levels of organic substances, this clay soil is ideal for the cultivation of grape varieties for fine red wines, but also for white grapes. The vineyard has its roots in the limestone layer immediately beneath the thin layer of fertile soil.

The altitude of the areas where the vines are planted is between 200 and 450 meters above sea level, on lightly sloping hills and with exposure oriented mainly towards the southeast. The Primitivo DOC Gioia del Colle is a delicate, complex wine and on the palate, it is pleasant, full-bodied, harmonious, and mellow.

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